I love Sarah and Allen!  The day I drove to the Biloxi Starbucks to meet them, I was a little nervous.  I usually am when I am meeting a new couple that will potentially hire me.  It is essentially a job interview.  When I arrived, they welcomed me like an old friend and we talked for well over an hour.  I quickly realized that they had already chosen me to be their photographer and this wasn't really an interview at all, they just wanted to get to know me!  It was wonderful getting to know them and the adorable story of how they met (they are essentially Jim and Pam from The Office).

While Sarah and Allen live in the D.C. area, they chose to have a wedding on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, were Sarah grew up.  They chose several historic sites to celebrate their day.  We started off in the morning at The White House Hotel, where the bridal party got ready, then moved to the beach for a ceremony shortly before sunset. After being pronounced husband and wife, the two walked back down the aisle to a live string rendition of the theme song from The Office (remember what I said about Jim & Pam).  They day ended with a giant party at the Biloxi Visitor's Center near the iconic Biloxi lighthouse.

Upon finishing this post, I realized it was my third beach-related post in a row.  Perhaps it is time to go to the beach again.

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