What is your photographic style?

Photojournalistic. Artistic. Cinematic. Joyful un-staged moments mixed with timeless portraits. Documentary with a flare of drama and a touch of whimsy.


After living through 2020, I understand the fear, as it is a real one of mine as well. If the wedding is postponed, your deposit will transfer to the new date, if I am still available on that date. If you reschedule the date for a day I am unavailable, I will retain the non-refundable deposit. If the wedding is cancelled, I will also retain the non-refundable deposit, however, you can always downsize or elope, and at that time the deposit would transfer.

What happens if the wedding has to be cancelled or postponed due to Covid or another pandemic?


To protect myself and everyone at the wedding, I will test myself multiple times in the days leading up to your wedding date. If I get a positive test, I will send another photographer in my place, and personally edit all images in my style. I will also give you a 10% discount on your services.

What happens if you have Covid-19 on the wedding date?


How many months before our wedding should we book with you?

Most couples book 6-12 months before their wedding, however, I will book up to 18 months out, and I am happy to take on a wedding closer to the date if I am still available. Booking earlier is always best.